Xbox 360 Controller Buttons Drink Coaster Set Looks great on any Gamers’ Table

When the highly appreciated Xbox 360 game controller is used as a subject to make beverage coasters on, you get a set of these 4 awesome video game controller buttons which of course go down well on any gamers’ table.

Drink Coaster Set Video Game Controller

These set of drink coasters by Cool beans 717 are made on the lines of the buttons of the controller of your favorite video game console, the Xbox 360 and are lightweight, easy to store and are great for protecting table tops and other surfaces. Each coaster is 3.5 inches round and 1/8″ of an inch thick and come in 4 different colors and designs; there is the green ‘A’ button coaster, the red B button coaster and the Blue and yellow X and Y button coasters.

This set of Xbox 360 button-themed coasters fits most wine, pint glasses and standard coffee cups. The full palette colors are first printed and then transferred onto a micro weave fabric round polyester coaster with a black base of non-skid flexible rubber.

Drink Coaster Set Video Game Controller 3
Drink Coaster Set Video Game Controller 4

These coasters make great gifts, so if your Xbox addict geek of a friend has a party soon, you know what to get him now. They also serve as great conversation starters, if you have guests over for dinner and have these coasters on you’ll make a long lasting geek impression and definitely be questioned about them.

These Drink Coaster Set -Video Game Controller Buttons are available on Etsy for $10.

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