15 Video Game Cupcake Decoration Ideas

Cupcakes sound like something you’d have on a birthday, baby shower, party of a certain nature, and they always seem like something pink with flowers on top or some other kitschy decoration. But people who love video games eat cupcakes too, just so you know.

Before you begin browsing and picking up ideas for cupcakes you’d like to make, good looking and tasty cupcakes need the right set, especially for those who are beginners in bakers and don’t consider themselves experts.

For that purpose I recommend the CrownBake Deluxe cupcake decoration set, which is the best one available for cake & cupcake decoration, helping even those with minimal knowledge and experience produce some wonderful, beautiful and tasty looking cupcakes. The CrownBake set includes stainless steel Russian piping tips to make your baking experience easier, and the end product look exclusive.

Xbox Cupcakes

Xbox CupcakesXbox Cupcake

DOTA 2 Cupcakes

Dota 2 Cucpake

Super Mario Bros. Cupcakes

Mario Cupcake

Super Mario Cupcake

Pac-Man Cupcakes

Pac-Man Cupcake

Ms. Pacman Cupcake

Skyrim Cupcakes

Skyrim Cupcakes

Sonic Cupcakes

Sonic Cupcakes

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Birds Cupcakes

AB Cupcake

Legend of Zelda Cupcake

Zelda Cupcake

Portal Cupcakes

Portal Cupcake

Worms Cupcakes

Worms Cupcakes

Random Gaming Cupcakes

Gaming Cupcakes

Remember, if you’re already thinking about making one of these, check out CrownBake and their terrific cake & cupcake decorating set so thing will go smoothly for you in the kitchen while designing a Skyrim or Mario cupcake.

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