Xbox One & Madden NFL 17 Bundle is a Pretty Sweet Deal

So you wanna get a new Xbox One. And you also want to play the new Madden NFL 17. That’s great, because there’s the perfect bundle for you.

Xbox One Madden NFL 17 Bundle

If you haven’t already clicked the picture to go ahead and buy the Xbox One + Madden 17 bundle, here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider doing so:

Besides the console and the game, the bundle includes seven Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs, one month of EA Access, Xbox Wireless Controller (with 3.5mm headset jack), HDMI cable (4K Capable), AC Power cable and 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial. It enables you to watch Ultra HD (UHD) 4K Blu-rayTM movies on your 4K TV and stream 4K video on Netflix (available now) and Amazon Video (coming soon). It’s also compatible with Kinect for the Xbox One.

Obviously, there are a number of ways (and prices) to go here. The 1TB bundle currently costs $340, and there aren’t that many left in stock. You can also save a few bucks and buy it with a 3 month Xbox Live subscription for the current price of $357.99. Another option is already going for the extra controller, which would currently set you back $408.

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