Players Discover New Details about Fortnite Patch v11.20

Fortnite Patch v11.20

It’s been four days since Fortnite released the v11.20 Patch. Players have discovered several new changes to the game that are worthy of mentioning. The new patch comes with a secret campfire, attractive new skins and stellar guns. The Fortnite Patch v11.20 also includes an in-game event. Many of the changes to the game have not been announced, and players seem to be discovering the changes on their own. It is important to note that Epic Games no longer releases patch notes since they released Chapter 2 – Season 1.

Here are some of the changes that the new Fortnite Patch v11.20 brings with it

  • Players can stoke campfires easily. This means, a dying a fire can be reignited by added more wood. This comes at a small price though. It is not clear why Epic Games did not announce a major change such as this in its release notes. Teams will be extra-cautious to know where the spawn locations are.
  • Lucas7Yoshi has revealed all the leaked cosmetics, including their names. Epic still has not released many of these cosmetics, and they are not available for decryptions. There are also indications that there will be a Christmas-like event within the game, as many of these items have a Noel feel to them.
  • Scoped and Heavy Assault Rifles both seem improved and revamped. HYPEX released many details about the guns on Twitter. The data miner posted elaborate details about the size of the magazine, damage per shot, etc.
  • There may be an in-game event which will occur at Risky Reels. HYPEX and Lucas7Yoshi both confirmed the existence of such an event via their data mining efforts.

Should Epic Games release detailed patch release notes?

pic Games would do better to include elaborate details about what the patches contain. Many of the features often go unnoticed by players, and one cannot continue to wait for data miners to release these details. However, this may also be a marketing stunt in order to get more people to notice the intricacies of patches. However, publicly, epic Games has confirmed that the new patches contain important bug fixes, elimination of vulnerabilities, and better UI contrast. Epic Games’ Fortnite Patch v11.20 release notes are available here.

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