Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Goes Live!

Finally, Rockstar’s biggest franchise is back! Take a look at the new trailer and discuss some rumors with us.

gta5 logo

It’s great to finally know some things about GTA V, a game that had us fans wildly speculating about characters, locations, and what else. Without much further to add, see the magic for yourselves:

From what we can infer from the trailer, the location is definitely Los Santos, as most fans had suspected it would be. The question now is if the rest of San Andreas will be accessible just like in GTA: San Andreas, or if it will be just that one city, greatly enhanced and expanded, like it happened with GTA3 to GTA4. For what it’s worth, it’s fantastic to see some recognizable places such as the Vinewood logo or the beach, as well as a wider variety of vehicles availableĀ  (is that a Zeppelin we see at 0:17? Is that a fighter jet atĀ  1:00? Holy sh*t!).

Another thing we noticed in the trailer are dogs and other animals: Seems the in-game world is no longer inhabited exclusively by humans. Some people have even pointed out, speaking of animals, that the police logo includes what seems to be Big Foot, and we’re hoping this is a hint of one of the missions in the game. Arm yourself with a hunting rifle and take down that mythical beast!

Now, we’re wondering if the rpg-like features of previous titles will be back, and how customizable the main character will be. Speaking of the main character, one of the most interesting rumors was hinting that the V in the title was also for “Vercetti”, the main character in GTA: Vice City, making his first return to the series. Other rumors, instead, hint at a latino protagonist, which would be a first for the series, called Adrian, but the basis for this seems to be just an anonymous post on an image board.

We’re still waiting for the details on multiplayer, story, and time the story takes place (it seems safe to assume it’ll be present time, though), and we can’t wait to see what the soundtrack will look like. How about you, readers? Head over to the comment sections and tell us about your impressions.

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