Learn to Make Your Own Drool-worthy Halo Cake

We have written a number of times about all the delicious Halo cakes that made you drool for hours without being able to stop. This time around, we plan to reveal the secrets of baking a Halo cake yourself, with the ingredients, method and serving tips all included.

Actually, the recipe has been uploaded by Tchitwood and this is her 3rd sculpted cake, also known as 3D cake. It was baked for her nephew’s 14th birthday.

She used strawberry cake to create the head and torso, while the marshmallow fondant provides for the greasy skin. Shoulders were created using Rice Krispie treats. Using buttercream, she created the birthday message and Halo logo. 2 boxes of desired cake mix, All-purpose flour, Sour cream, Sugar, Salt, Eggs, Flavouring extracts (vanilla, almond, butter), Mini and regular size marshmallows, Powdered sugar, Meringue powder, Crisco, Water, Rice Krispies cereal, Buttercream icing and Gel or other food colourings are the ingredients that you would require to bake the cake.

One of the coolest tips that Tchitwood gives is that the marshmallow fondant is not only tasty, but also darn inexpensive! The cake would be ready in short while if you followed the instructions that she gives. It could be a perfect way to get all your geeky friends home, and treat them to their heart’s content with your own version of Halo cake. We had also written about the Cool Master Chief Cake, which command your attention. The Halo Grenade Cake is slightly morbid but incredibly tasty. If you like your cake all cute and sweet, try the Xbox Halo Cake.

Via: Instructables

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