Halo Reach Paperweight for Halo Fans

Halo Reach has achieved record breaking success. Since its launch in September, it has received brilliant reviews and as it is the last game in the franchise developed by Bungie and a prequel to all the things that happened before the previous games; Halo Reach has got many gamers excited from around the world.

For all those Halo fans who are currently engaged playing Halo Reach here is a great collectible to show your love for the game. This is the Halo Reach paperweight and it does exactly what it is supposed to but with Spartan glory. It is rectangular in shape and has the entire Noble Team brilliantly and visibly crafted inside it. It looks really beautiful and it blends real well in a room filled of geeky accessories.

A really cool thing you can do with this is manage to get an 3.7-inch LED display panel (I used my Motorola Milestone with the Flash Light app), place it over the screen, turn of the lights and watch the Halo Reach Team Noble sparkle and shine in the dark. Believe me it looks really cool. Sadly, we are not sure where you can purchase this.

If you are looking for some more awesome Halo stuff, you can check out the Halo Reach Xbox 360 Mod or the Halo 3 Xbox 360 Mod.

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