The Official Halo UNSCDF Military Belt For Sale!

Belts form an integral part of every wardrobe, not because they hold your trousers at their appropriate positions but because they also convey a social message. Judging from the size and the kind of a buckle you have on your belt one can be able to predict the kind of person you are! Now there have been a great many number of Halo themed belts in the market but most of them are over sized or just too inappropriate to be worn in public.

halo belt

This cool new Halo themed belt is one of a kind, selling for just $14.99, the designers have fabricated the belt in an old military fashion, complete with a UNSCDF insignia embossed on a brass-colored buckle. It also features a cool and subtle Halo3 logo on the tip of the belt, measuring 41″  in length, this adjustable belt is made for all the Halo fans who like to keep the official military look.

You can also have a look at the Halo Wars Risk Game Collectors Edition or the Halo Encyclopedia– The Halo Bible.

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