Halo Master Chief Ring For Your Proposal?

Are you looking for the perfect proposal ring to present to your girlfriend, who undoubtedly loves games? Well then my dear folks all your proposal woes end here, presenting to you the Proposal Ring themed after Halo Master Chief, perfect for all who are gaming freaks!.

master chief halo ring

The Halo ring is casted from a really cool looking metal (whose name is not known by me, but it does not matter because I am sure it is going to very tough and ever lasting). So if you and our Halo loving girlfriend want to take things to a higher level this ring might be the perfect stepping stone to that everlasting relationship.

Inspired from the Master Chief Mark IV Spartan Helmet this new accessory promises to build long lasting relationships. Priced at $175 this beauty costs much less than a Diamond Ring and definitely more memorable and valuable for anyone who loves gaming.

I feel that it is a very good bargain and definitely all those gaming geeks out there would really like this piece of accessory. Maybe soon we would be hearing girls talking about how their boyfriends proposed to them with a Halo Ring or a Half Blood ring …….

Guys I feel that our work load is been cut down by this new ring as we don’t have to search for a good proposal phrase as the ring would do all the talking. As the saying goes “Two of a kind, it’s a Halo Ring that Binds”.

Via: Wetanz Via: Gearfuse

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