GTA5 Official Trailer Teases Gamers

GTA5 is not even out yet, but the Rockstar team is already looking like they developed a truly GOTY contender. Introducing, the official GTA5 trailer! 

GTA5 Trailer

Hardly any game, ever, has been as hyped and awaited like GTA5 is. Rockstar’s classic blend of open world fun and violence, with over-the-top-but-serious-stories and charming characters is back for current gen consoles (that is, X360 and PS3), and you will be able to buy it on September 17th. But to carry you in the meanwhile, here’s a new trailer showing some moments of the story mode and mood of the game. Check the video below these lines!

Los Santos is back, and gamers will have three new characters to explore the city and live their lives. To be honest? We can’t wait.

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