Gears Of War Lighter to Ignite the Fire

Fancy lighters may not be the perfect thing for a gaming geek but a Gears Of War lighter is something you do not want to miss.Although Smoking is Injurious to health, some might not need another reason to get their hands on this cool gears of war lighter

Selling for only $9.99 each, this is one hot piece of merchandise. The lighter case is jet black in color and has the Gears Of War logo on it. The lighter in itself has a very well fabricated design and theme, seeing not many other games have such merchandise.

Thinking back, lighters do not really qualify you as a smoker; It lies in the manner that you use one. I have a friend who likes to collect fancy lighters but he does not smoke, in fact he’s against smoking.

This gaming merchandise might be the only one of it’s kind so hurry up and get yourself one!. WARNING- Smoking is not Advisable while Gaming, the Smoke may Hinder your Vision!

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