Awesome Halo Characters Clay Figures

It is no wonder that Halo fans will end up coming up with their own ways to make Halo figures, but using clay as the substance…now that is highly innovative and seems like a dirty job for a gamer. halo figures clay art

There have been some great Xbox action figures created before, including the Halo Kubrick Figures, the Master Chief Munny doll and even the cool Gears of War Action Figures, but these clay Halo characters (or monsters) are from another world.

The collection here is randomly picked but provides a truly colorful and artistic way to look at the Halo video game away from the screen. Each clay figure has its own color, look and really brings the character to life. Overall I must say that it is really a creative way to make your own Halo figures at home and the result is mighty geeky.

Via: Primordial Industries

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