Battlefield 3 at E3 – First Impressions

EA games took the covers off the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 from Dice entertainment at E3 and the first impressions look promising.

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Following in the vein of the previous entries in the series, Battlefield 3 will, according to our sources, once again fall under the category of strategic team based shooter. Players will take on a variety of roles, each designed to compliment one another and work as a team, as well as being able to pilot numerous different vehicles, each with their own pros and cons. Don’t expect to run around the map firing weapons from your hip and expecting to lead the team. DICE wants battlefield 3 to be an intelligent, thoughtful and yet action packed shooter for the modern generation.

This time around the previous class system has undergone a bit of a change. There are now four classes, as opposed to the usual five which were available in previous entries.

Assault is the standard soldier, though highly customizable to create a versatile mix of possible loadouts. DICE has stressed that there will be a significantly wider and more diverse selection of weapons this time around. Previously in the series, players had access to only two or three different main weapons, usually only unlocked after reaching a certain battlefield level. This time around more weapons will be available right off the bat, and with enough diversity to cater to various play styles.

As well, the new Assault class will come with most of the abilities of the Medic class of previous games. Not only will this class hold its own on the front lines, but players will also able to heal themselves as well as effectively attack enemy positions. On the whole, the Assault class looks like it will be the versatile of all the new classes, and will probably make up the bulk of players.

Support retakes its role as the heavy weapons expert of the group, now with a greater emphasis on providing cover. Instead if simply acting as an Assault class unit with a larger gun, as was often the case in previous entries, Support players will this time be better suited to provide suppressing fire in order to keep enemies pinned down.

As an added bonus and encouragement to play an actual supporting role, Support characters gain points if allies eliminate enemies who are pinned down by their heavy weapons fire.

Engineers are once again the masters of repairing and stopping vehicles. As an interesting change, they now come equipped with a welding torch, as opposed to the standard wrench, with which they can blind enemies and also illuminate dark tunnels and corners of the maps.

Recon will be the class that replaces the previous Sniper class, effectively taking over its duties and gaining a few new ones. Apart from being able to snipe enemies from far away, the Recon class will also be able to move stealthily and control UAVs for reconnaissance.

The mission that was demonstrated at E3 was called Operation Metro, taking place in modern day Paris. Following the rules of the game mode called Rush, one team must hold out at varies strategic points while another team attempts to rush in and take over those points. Once a point falls to the attackers, the defenders then move back to a different point and so forth.

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What was truly remarkable about this mode and map was the diversity of terrain that players happened to encounter over the course of the single mission. The scenario begins in a rather standard rural area with large vehicle battles, but soon moves into more cramped and closed quarters city fighting and even down into the metro system itself where players engage each other on foot.

Also of note is the fact that DICE made it so that just about everything is destructible. As players take cover behind wood barricades and barrels, enemy fire can begin to chip away at their defenses. Even certain larger set pieces and buildings can be completely demolished by vehicle fire.

Graphically speaking, the game look outstanding. Just as both previous entries set the bar for realism and visual effects for large scale shooters, this third entry into the series looks as though it will continue the trend. With advanced smoke, flare and other visual effects, Battlefield 3 looks as though it will be more capable than previous games in the series at immersing players in their gaming experience.

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All in all, Battlefield 3 looks as though it will be giving Call of Duty a run for its money in the area of team based modern shooters. Battlefield 3 will be released on October 25th 2011.

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