6 Announcements That Should Make Every Xbox Fan Wet Their Pants

E3 held many turns and surprises for the Xbox, including a bunch of new announcements of features, as well as games. While there were many announcements, here are a highlight of just six.

#1: Star Wars on the Kinect

Yes, all you fanboys and girls out there will finally be able to swing your lightsabers in a Star Wars game that utilizes the Kinect. Though you will also be able to use your hands and arms to utilize the force as well, moving things, controlling things, and if you’re a sith, possibly choking things. the Kinect had many surprising reveals during E3, and it is a relief that it will finally be used for things other than just kid and family based games, as announcements for Tiger Woods, Madden, FIFA, Sims Pets, and a special Xbox edition of Minecraft have all been announced to be released using the Kinect, as well as one unannounced game.

#2: Visit Disneyland using your Kinect

That’s right, Microsoft and Disney have partnered up to recreate the world attraction and make it available on your Xbox. Kinect Disneyland Adventures will feature the rides and attractions from the real-world Disneyland, and also let players explore the park from the comfort of their couch. Not quite as exciting, but really cool in my eyes to see a recreation like this! Other announcements for games using the Kinect include Kinect Fun Labs, Kinect Sports Season 2, and Dance Central 2. Check out the video below that shows off Kinect Disneyland Adventures!

#3: Tomb Raider

That’s right, the beloved Tomb Raider will be relaunched on the Xbox 360. While this game was announced quite a while ago, it was the first time that real footage of the game had been shown. Check out the video straight from E3 below!

#4: Halo 4

Yes, I peed myself a little too when this was announced. This is a game that is known around the world by all types of players, and a fourth installment in the series will be welcomed with open arms by all. Along with a Halo 4 release, there will be a Halo Anniversary released, which will be a HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox 360. Check out the video below for the trailer of Halo 4!

#5: Kinect Fun Labs

A new and experimental “lab program” for the Kinect, Kinect Fun Labs is essentially “a collection of Kinect experiences made by developers that don’t quite fit the game mold.” What exactly will this hold in store for the players? It appears to be able to recreate an avatar for players making them appear exactly as they appear in front of their Kinect, the ability to draw in 3D with “finger tracking,” and also the recreation of object that can me manipulated! Check out the video below for all of the details!

#6: A New Xbox Live Interface

The new XBL interface looks amazing, including some things that I have been wanting for a while. These include YouTube, Bing, UFC on XBL, as well as a host of other features that will utilize the Kinect in more ways, including voice searching.

E3 unveiled so many new features and games for the Xbox, and this short list certainly didn’t cover them all. Obviously, Microsoft is really pushing the Kinect technology, and if utilized in the right way it could certainly revolutionize gaming and how we do it. What did you guys like about E3? What are you excited about? Any disappointments? Let us know in the comments!

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Via: Mashable

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