Is Bioware developing a Mass Effect MMO?

During recent interviews at E3, Bioware developers and team leaders managed to dodge questions related to the possibility of a Mass Effect MMO, along with a multiplayer component to Mass Effect 3.

mass effect 3 mmo

For some time now, speculations have been rife that Bioware’s upcoming third entry into the popular science fiction franchise would contain a multiplayr mode of some sort, or that a stand alone multiplayer title based in the same universe might sometime be released.

Bioware heads Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk were recently caught for an interview at E3 and questioned about the widely circulated rumors that Mass Effect 3 would contain a multiplayer mode similar to the Horde Mode of Gears of War and that they also had plans to make an eventual Mass Effect MMO.

Unsurprisingly, they offered vague and dodgy answers to the questions, stating that they have nothing new to announce at this year’s E3. As well they stated quite clearly that their top priority was to follow the demands of their fans.

What is interesting, is that they specifically mentioned this year’s conference, rather than stating they had nothing new to say at all. As well, as the heads of Bioware are deeply aware, there are more than a few fans who deeply desire for Mass Effect to become the next great MMO of our time.

Bioware has been questioned in the past regarding a Mass Effect MMO, and have never outright denied the possibility. As well, some time ago a top developer at the company expressed his opinion that the Mass Effect universe was ripe and rich enough to contain a full fledged MMO experience.

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Were their answers then at the conference simply a polite way of saying no, that they do not have any plans to take Mass Effect beyond a single player story driven trilogy, or are they hinting at a future Mass Effect multiplayer experience?

Bioware is currently developing an MMO set in the universe of their Star Wars franchise, Knights of the Old Republic. It is entirely possible that they are waiting to see how that title will be received before committing to a second MMO on unsteady grounds.

Regardless of what direction Bioware takes the franchise, whatever new titles they create will be guaranteed to sell.

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