Xbox Themed Shoes Sell at an Exorbitant Price

It is usually not common to see shoes to suit your gaming tastes, especially when it comes to the choice of console. Sole Junkie has designed some real kick-ass shoes that have already been very popular all over the net.


The exclusive pair of shoes comes with patent leather back and embedded fiber optic wiring in the shape of Xbox logo. The gradient comes with a lime Swoosh and the rest of the shoes is black in color.

Since it is only one pair of shoes that is available, there is also just one size: size 11. If you have smaller feet, quit dreaming about this awesome par of Xbox shoes and try to get yourself an ordinary pair of shoes. On the other hand you could coax the guy to design a customized pair of shoes, just for you. The pair is also quite expensive and the best price offered on eBay $4,000.99. That is a hell lot of money for the shoes if you ask me.

There are also other things which would stop you from buying the shoes. Firstly, it comes in just one size and in all probabilities it has been sold out. Most of us would not be able to afford such prohibitive prices and would end up wearing the same old shoes which would stink. Wash your feet with Xbox Controller Soap and make a style statement later by wearing Xbox Controller Cufflinks.

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