Xbox One Kinect Amazon Chirstmas Deal

The deals continue after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Amazon are now offering a discount on the Kinect to prepare for Christmas. Read all about it here!

Xbox One Kinect Amazon Deal

The Kinect is one of the essential Xbox One accesories when it comes to party games and fun for all the family. With it you can play some of the most popular games like the Just Dance series, Xbox Fitness, Dance Central Spotlight or Boom Ball. If anyone bought the console on any of the several Black Friday and Cyber Monday bundles and were considering getting a Kinect to go along with it, Amazon are getting ready so everyone can enjoy it during the holiday season with a fantastic Kinect deal. Whoever visits Amazon right now can find a really cool bundle that includes a brand new Kinect for Xbox One bundled with Dance Central Spotlight, probably our favorite party game right now. The price of the whole bundle is usually $149.99 USD, but Amazon are offering a further 17% discount on top, saving the user $24.99 and bringing the over-all price down to $125 USD.

Originally, every Xbox One came with a Kinect that used to be mandatory, but ever since release it has been reduced to a neat accessory just like it was for the Xbox 360. Regardless, it is a fantastic piece of technology by itself that really manages to set the Xbox One apart from the competition with a very unique offering that caters to many gamers. The Kinect is the ideal accesory to turn your entire living room into a playground for a big group, and completely changes the way you interact with video games. Now, with this deal you can get what is arguably the best game (or the one we have had the most fun with), Dance Central Spotlight, along with the Kinect itself so you can be a part of the family too. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

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