Xbox Mini Portable Concept

Portable consoles come with their benefits and risks. Camille Jean, who has designed the Xbox Mini concept, understands this problem.

The riskiest feature of a portable console is its own portability, though it sounds ironic. Portable consoles, like any other hand held gadget could slip from hand, be exposed to sun, dust and the elements. This results in a shorter shelf life than consoles that are used from an enclosed space within one’s home.

Thus, it becomes very important for us to create shields that would safeguard the console. Enclosed in a nutty, and hardened shell, the Camille Jean‘s Xbox Mini seems to have crystal clear graphics and ergonomically placed buttons. Its defining feature is the central button which reveals the console screen when pushed.

The Xbox Push-button is an ideal component that allows you to slide open the console from its hardened shell, which protects it. Instead of hiding your portable console in an uncool case, the Xbox mini allows to look as if you are always ready to fight battles on your console. The push-button has a dual function.

It not only slides open the console, but also switches it on and gets you ready for a long gaming session. The Xbox Mini is not only sophisticated and stunning to look at, but it is also a sturdy piece of high-technology that comes in a pretty package. However, it is still at a conceptual stage and it is not clear if it would ever be manufactured.

We have already seen dozens of concepts which are cooler than the original Xbox 360 lying dormant in various designers’ hard-disks. You could take a look at the Xbox 1080 concept, which brings Zune and Xbox 360 in one place. The Xbox 720 is a great handheld console concept which woos you with its superior design. The Xbox 360 Handheld is yet another concept which may have been overlooked by Microsoft.

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