Xbox Live is the World’s Safest Social Network

So much for being all about hardcore gaming, it looks like the Xbox is a family console after all; Xbox Live was recently rankeda as the world’s safest social network.


As Xbox gamers we’ve always known that there was something better about our consoles’ online network than the PSN (I wonder if that month long crash had anything to do with it?). Now the results are in, and our beloved Xbox Live has come out on top.

According to sources, the European Commission responsible for the regulatory “Safer Social Networkin Principles for the EU” agreement examined 9 different social networking sites and discovered that Xbox Live secured the top spot.

One of the most notable aspects of the deciding which network was safest was the very simple step that only Xbox Live and Habbo Hotel, that cheeky Sims-like browser game, took into consideration: default settings that protect the profiles of minors. Xbox Live hides the profiles of all gamers under legal age and only reveals them to their approved list of contacts.

It should be noted that other social networks have options to protect the information and identity of youths, but often not by default or it requires extra steps to be taken.

I suppose in a sense, this is all part of Microsoft’s master plan to turn the Xbox 360 into a family home entertainment system rather than a hardcore gaming console reserved for the die-hard gamers in us all.

So maybe Xbox is more child friendly than the PSN, but in this case, protecting minors and their information is a good thing. At least we don’t have to deal with the types of games Nintendo releases.

In other news, it’s good to hear that the Xbox Live Outage was due to human error and not hackers (like the PSN!) and be sure to check out some new gaming gear: Mad Catz Headsets.

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