Xbox Controllers Cufflinks for the Fashion Conscious

Xbox 360 controllers have always been a great way to show the world how much you love playing video games, and thus they have almost become a style statement. Based on the style or mod of the controller that you are using, your position in the video game community may be judged! Thus, it becomes mandatory for you to use controllers that are stylish and customized to make you feel and look unique.


Here is a way through which you can go one step further and use Xbox theme in your accessories as well. These Xbox Controller Cufflinks allow you to make a fashion statement by wearing them on your cuffs, and letting the world know of your video gaming preference. The cufflinks come with gold backings and you could choose between an A and B or 2As and 2 Bs.


You could contact CufflinkConnection at Etsy for further information and you could ask the artist to customize it further. They come in different colors such as green, red, orange, blue and others. Thanks to a deep interest in video game fashion, players can now go ahead and catch up with others in customizing accessories that they wear. If you would like something more specifically related to a particular game, try wearing the cool Halo Characters Helmet or better yet, the Halo Game Cufflinks or Halo Ring.


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