Gears of War Hand Etched Tumblers

There is nothing better than a glass of booze after a long gaming session. Gaming and concentrating on video games such as Gears of War especially can be quite a taxing thing for avid gamers. That actually requires a generous dose of alcohol in order to calm the nerves and prepare for yet another day filled with video games, or better yet, you could drink the Gears Of War Imulsion Drink.

gears of war tumbler

However, you might want to make your drinking session quite “video gameish” too. If that is the case, you could try these super cool Gears of war tumblers from PlacidRain that come with the tell-tale skull etched on the surface. When you fill the glass with whiskey, rum or any other liquor you would even get to see what you are drinking and be reminded that the glass is inspired by Gears of war.

gears of war glass

Of course, not every video game player drinks alcohol. Even teetotalers can go ahead and get these glasses in order to drink water or juice in them. In addition to the above mentioned uses, one can also just use these glasses as show-pieces as they look so cool. These hand-etched tall tumblers hold up to 16 oz. They are nice and heavy at the bottom so they feel good while holding. If you have the habit of smoking while drinking, you could check out Gears of War Lighter.

gears of war cup

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