Xbox Classic Controller Charm Is a Must-have Accessory

Charms have been used for luck in almost all cultures. People believe that a charm could either bring luck, or bring ruin to the bearer. In this age of video gaming, one might not think that geeks believe in superstitious charms, but well, we are always ready for a surprise!


The XBOX Classic Controller Charm is something that all guys must buy. They look good as a keychain, and if you want you could wear it as a pendant too!

The funny thing is the charm measures just 3/4 inches and it is quite possible that some may not be able to use all the buttons on this charm. The Xbox Classic Controller charm comes with all the buttons you would see on the real deal including the triggers at the bottom. It is handmade from polymer clay, and is painted with acrylic.

Apart from the pictured green, you could also request for white, black, purple, dark blue, yellow, and red charms. The Xbox Classic Controller Charm sells for $1o at PomegranatePanicToo’s shop at Etsy. You could also go and get yourself the Xbox 360 Game Box Earrings, or wish someone luck with the Xbox Greeting Cards.

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