Next Generation Xbox 720 Game Console Design

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You have definitely heard of the famous Xbox 360, haven’t you? But what’s with an Xbox 720? Is it something that’s unknown to you? No worries, it was not known to me either about 5 minutes back and is something that I just came across, following my daily routine of searching the web for some cool gizmos.

xbox 720 game console design

Nah, this isn’t the official Xbox 720 that you can go gaga over. Its just another perspective Xbox mod, or rather a suggestion of what the Xbox 360 would look like in the future. Made by a certain Tai Chiem, this piece of mod is quite futuristic with the skeletonized frame and the acrylic cover, giving it a UFO like feel. The mod sports the Xbox emblem on the cover and the power and the reset buttons are in the front, with the Microsoft logos on the sides. I am not sure about the placement of the CD-Rom, though. The mod design looks plush with the matte finish given to it and is made in color hues of classic red, green and blue and a combination of black and silver.

new xbox 360 future design

future xbox game console

Although cool, I am not sure whether Microsoft is gonna even consider this design; it’s not because this design is lacking anything, its just that I don’t think Microsoft has a good eye for creativity. I mean, the regular Xbox 360 has no looks to hype about; there are far better Xbox 360 mods available, that make up for the lack of luster and plush feeling of the classy console, don’t you agree?

cool xbox 720 conceptual design

108 thoughts on “Next Generation Xbox 720 Game Console Design

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  2. HeartAttack .

    Actually, I don’t agree at all. Neither Microsoft nor any other company out there would consider this mock-up because it’s ugly as hell. It looks like some kind of terrible cell phone case that someone zipped up after they put a tennis ball inside. Look at that thing…it can only sit one way, and you can’t stack anything on it. I like the default Xbox 360 design because it’s simple.

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  8. Xanditv .

    Putz, a Nintendo é a única que sempre trouxe inovações e mantem-se nesse mercado a décadas, sempre liderando.

    E vão me investir nessa demonstração de DESIGN INOVADOR tendo como base um videogame da MICROSOFT ?!?!? Putz… Uma parasita que só imita…

    E aquele controle jurássico do inventado Play Station 4 da Sony ???

    É impressionante, o Wii vendeu o triplo de console de todos os outros concorrentes juntos. Inova na forma de jogar usando realidade virtual e não ganha espaço nesses protótipos…

    Mas full HD, alta-definição, excesso de beleza, design, alta capacidade de processamento e terabytes de memória não faltam para Sony e Microsoft, intrusas nessa área.

    Agora, simplicidade, jogabilidade e diversão, a gente deixa pra Nintendo e o Wii.

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  14. James. Braselton .

    hi. There I. Hope. They. Don’t. Use. There. Detachable. 20. Gb. Hard. Drive. The. Load. Times. And. Lag. Times. Are. Soo. Long. That. I. Get. Board. Of. Playing. Xboc. 360. Please. Give. Us. A. Lighting. Fast. Solid. State. Flash. Drive. Ssd. Or. 10,000. Or. 15,000. Rpm. Hard. Drives. Options. As. Well. I. Gladly. Pay. More. For. Faster. Drives

  15. alexander ramirez .

    That is SUPER AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! i like it but sadly i know it wont be the design because its too sci-fi, it will be a lot to make, too much to make actually, but if it was cheap to make and produce, THE BEST!!!

  16. alexander ramirez .

    what i think SHOULD fit…

    Features for the XBox 720:

    1) Blue-ray
    2) free live play, internet, searching etc.
    3) all the “Friends, stores, gaming, market place” just like the 360
    4) 1080 HD
    5) just about the same accesories only better
    6) many free dmovie, music, game downloads
    7) personalization and customation
    8) multi connection
    and others

  17. jak .

    I see absolutely no way that this will be the design. First, as others have said, it’s ugly as hell. You also have to look at the design. This would lead to so many overheating problems. It’s a ridiculous architecture to try and build a system into also. Whoever designed this is a crappy designer who doesn’t understand computers at all.

  18. Scott .

    I think any design that could fix the lame IR sensor issue with the 360 is good enough for me. Also if microsoft goes with a new design that would not incorporate the current 360 hard drives, the entire world will be pissed. Whatever they do, it better include wireless-N built in. AND it better not take software emulation to run 360 games.

  19. hazil21 .

    I think its ight..kum up wit mo designs…jus hope dey make new and big blueray…free streaming internet…shud have everything the 360 has and ps3 has and is capable of and more…..2 complete the futuristic 720…

  20. hazil21 .

    Not 2 mention not havin 2 buy so many gadgets for tha 720 like u did for tha wireless internet tha fan…small key pad things like that..those things shud b included or already built in..but buleray and free internet as well…wire less 2….

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  22. james braselton .


  23. rexeljet .

    I don’t like this design very much at all. the people who designed this must be stupid, because everyone should know why it is called x-box! not x-weird shape!

  24. Bendee .

    How do u package this thing? A kid might have nightmares just looking at that design. Tooooooo futuristic. It doesn’t look like fun. Looks too serious. Seems like something too fragile and do they have a UFO department in XBOX? Please they can design something less scary and more sleek, high tech but keep it simple. The Xbox 360 design was and is still well appreciated. This xbox 720 design could mar the games’s acceptance to the world. Xbox could keep or maintain this design as a limited design edition” for the unconventional or artistic mind. I think they should send an open invitation for design proposals the public. All in all this design is “WACK”. Give us something else. Thumbs down.

  25. Bendee .

    How do u package this thing? A kid might have nightmares just looking at that design. Tooooooo futuristic. It doesn’t look like fun. Looks too serious. Seems like something too fragile and do they have a UFO department in XBOX? Please they can design something less scary and more sleek, high tech (i’m not too into the tech part) but keep it simple. The Xbox 360 design was and is still well appreciated. This xbox 720 design could mar the games’s acceptance to the world. Xbox could keep or maintain this design as a limited design edition” for the unconventional or artistic mind. I think they should send an open invitation for design proposals the public. All in all this design is “WACK”. THUMBS DOWN!!! Give us some’n else.

  26. Guillaume Soucy .

    Ahhhhhhhhh! This is a horror this design. I like the design of the actual Xbox 360. Im not ready to changer my Xbox 360 consol now because i buy many game and accesory!

  27. Guillaume Soucy .

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! This is a total horror this new design. Its look too… BAD! I like the actual Xbox 360 look and style. Im not ready now to change my Xbox 360 console because I buy many Xbox 360 game and Xbox 360 accesories for my actual Xbox 360.

  28. C2 .

    The Xbox 720 would obviously never look like this because it’s not a box. They would have to change it to the Xufo 720 or something.

  29. james braselton .


  30. Dr.Tray .

    This looks cool but is an xbox note the word box i think it’s guna be like the first 2 not cool looking.But hay xbox360 doesn’t look that cool and yet its ASOME.I also think they will use 720 in the disine.right now i beleave the cercal with an X across it is the closest or at least coolest “ideas” of what the 720 will look like

  31. JM .

    I saw the prototype model and it looked like a flipping web cam on horse ‘roids. You would slide the game in from the top like a car stereo on its back. There was a green circle bearing the XBox logo on the front that served as the ‘eye’ of this thing. The back ‘bubble’ was clear and wrapped in silver ‘bands’ to form an X in the back of all places. It sat on two ski like stands and was the size of a 10 inch monitor. Having visited my uncle in the development dept of Microsoft and being one of their old testers I busted up laughing so hard I nearly needed CPR.

    You guys complain of the look of this one? You need help. It solves the over heating problem by not allowing people to foolishly stack crap on top of it. It spreads the heat out in a sleek new design that is cutting edge and new age for a new decade of the millennium. With all the features I know it has (no worries I wont spoil it for you) I am happy they made it look as good as it does. The other option… the WebCamZilla is obviously not going to hit the market.

    Take a look at the graphics here and see two rejected ideas:

  32. Jess .

    Frigg that is random ass and kinda wierd but i love it cuz its different. so thumbs up its sexxii as

  33. Dabomba .

    I like it i know some people might agree and dissagree about the shape of the Xbox 720 but personaly i like the classic box shape….but so far we have only talked about the shape not about the grafix or games im realy excited!!!

  34. nicholas .

    i like it and think it looks cool. and to the people complaining about “oh i cant stack shit on top of it” thats how ur xbox can fuck up because u have ventilation on top of ur 360 and if thats covered up ur gonna fry ur thermal pads and then get the red ring of death and then complain to microsoft about ur xbox getting that and getting fucked up and how they should have better ventalation systems when the one u had stock was fine, you just stacked shit on top of it and covered it up. thats like putting a plastic bag over ur childs head. and way to talk about practical guys. it is an interesting design and it will catch and be bought because in the long haul people dont realy care as much about the design as they do graphics, games, and durrability. so keep ur 360 and dont buy this if ur gonna complain about its design but dont cry to anybody when its sold out and u dont have one when u wanna play the later halo, gears, assassans creed, and left 4 dead games.

  35. whocares .

    In response to heartAttack: I think your nuts for wanting to stack anything on top of your Basic x-box 360. Also To those of you who are so closed minded… come on people were talking about the future. Stop bitching and expect the new age. Think back to when atari or supermario came out. We’re talking about an entirely different generation. So when all the new games came out you wanted to upgrade and try something new! what’s so wrong with this? Creative minds go places. That’s why your not in charge! I support this idea, the style, and everything that comes along with it!

  36. Hellowie! .

    Actually NO ONE knows how the ”xbox 720” console will look like!!
    All of these pictures are just some fan that made, that’s all I wanna say, NO ONE knows until it’s posted on or when it have been realesed 😀

  37. eddie gomez .

    is this a for sure thing that the xbox720 will come out on 1111
    and is this console sure not to have a red ring…… i hope this will b better than the ps4

  38. Xavier .

    I like it all of them look awesome but my fav is the one in red nd black I wonder why

  39. DannyBoy .

    In all honesty that’s an incendiary piece of design right there; it’s really polarised the opinions of everyone that’s seen it so far and fair play. To hell with practicality, that’s not what a concept should be about – just look at the funky asse concept cars the world’s seen over the past few decades. Obviously this would not be practical – not unless microsoft are now intending to bankrupt themselves on unnecessary decoration. Building and marketting a new console is a loss leader, everytime and no company is going to make that burden unnecesarily worse. Here’s to the future – Problems are just Solutions waiting to be Found.

  40. Dymond .

    Surely in the 2-7 year timeline the 2 most valid options will be either online gaming services with no equipment requirement such as the forthcoming onlive or for the more hardcore less cost concerned gamer PC gaming.? The next generation of consoles launched are going to be launching into a very different type of market against solutions provided which zero capital cost. This is the first serious threat to the spread of console gaming that the industry has had to deal with. Personally I have had an Xbox in the cupboard since I tried playing oblivion on it a couple of weeks after buying it. But for people that dont mind the limitations of a console why would you need to have a physical piece of hardware (known for its failure rate) in your living room if you dont have too and can still enjoy a similar gaming experience.?

  41. Black.legion .

    This xbox 720 looks epic.
    It’s the best design I ever saw.
    And seriously, i’d defiantly buy it only cause of the way it looks.
    All my friends love it, I’m sure lots of people would purchase it .. as soon as they see this design!
    I seriously recommend this design!

  42. Otiscambell .

    I think the xbox 720 should be a ball. that system just doesnt look like a game system at all. In my personal opinion i think it looks stupid. It would look a lot cooler as a round ball

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  44. Xbot-not .


    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I usually buy consoles close to release time but the fiasco with the Xbox360 means I wont do that any more (at least with anything made by Microsoft).

    Ive had 4 different 360 since launch, 3 RRODed, me and the guys at Xbox support are on a first name basis and hang out on weekends.

    If the 720 is anything like the p.o.s. that is the 360 I suggest waiting until at least the 5th revision and even than cross your fingers toes and anything else you have.

  45. croxyndul .

    you idiots actually believe that’s what the next xbox will look like. and who said it’ll be called 720. retards.

  46. lmfaowtf? is this .

    I agree…… who insisted that it will be called 720 or that this is What it will look like. .. however…. if it looks anything close to this then I think I would be embarrased to have it. It looks like a gay space ship. Wanna chill bro? My new gamer tag would have to be chadbrochill17 and I think ill start wearing water polo shirts with a prefraded hat.

  47. john .

    who cares what it will look like why would you spend rent money for something you play sitting on your a.. thats why half the comments are from people who dont even know what a cpu is or a hard drive is its a game console not a naked womenjust sayin new xbox 360 slim very good system not that the older version was alot different but its as good and a few extra traits

  48. fiercedeity .

    if it ends up looking like that then damn, microsoft will have to get their act straight, also it better not be called 720.

  49. Jayk .

    You’ve gotta be the biggest idiot I’ve seen here. You couldn’t have seen the new consoles yet unless you’re on the desing team or you’re Bill Gates. And since you’re promoting PlayStation you are not either of those.

    Why would a console have a touch screen?? That’s for phones and tablets. Either way, the TV would be touch screen, not the console. Not to mention the stupidity of having to stand up and touch the TV. I’ll stick with a Dualshock design controller.

  50. leroy .

    there,s no way the xbox is going to look like that its too small and they would have too many problems looks like that thing would overheat an hour into turning it on. and as far as the name goes 720 is a pet name people have given it NOT REAL furthermore i have a 360 and i have had this same console for 2 years play at leased 2-3 hours daily never had a prob with it so i don’t get it when people say its a terrible system not to mention the last play station i bought tuned into a paper weight any way happy holidays to all

  51. Ace .

    A friend showed me the red design he was under the impression this was the next Xbox lol.
    Anyhow in all practicality none of these are going to cut it.
    Why??….1 word heat!
    The 360 was much smaller than the original xbox and look at it’s failure rate from guess what?….HEAT!
    Rule of thumb next gen = faster hardware ..Faster Hardware = more heat.
    Of course water cooling could easily solve this but on the consumer end this would kill us the water cooling alone would cost about $200 more on top of the new hardware.

  52. david .

    i think it is diff that make it better and as long as it comes out with blue-ray it would sell more then the ps3

  53. thisisallfake .

    WHY the fudge would you think this is the real thing?? microsoft would be RETARDED to make something like this….read the caption, it sais suggestions of what it might look like…ditititiditi…and ps4 will NOT have a touch screen i can tell you that and the “720” is gunna have to put motion sensoring remotes like the will because of all these little 10 year old kids ruining the games like bfbadcompany and black ops and mw2…stop being NOOBS!!

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  55. Jewbacca .

    Do some of you guys seriously think this is going to be the console? Designs like this are not even realistic looking. The next console will look like a console, not an alien device from a movie.

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  57. bojan .

    i like this design a LOT, really cool.
    id buy it and replace my standard case if it were avaible for purchase.

  58. Alumanardi .

    this means just money for them they dont care. new games new gamer tags and you have to get new ach and gamer score. wich means they wont let to take your 360 gamer tag or the gamer score or your downloaded items from your 360. so your gamer score and ach means nothen to them. That makes me pissed. they are now a alumanardi target thank you.
    vava alumanardi

  59. Alumanardi .

    ps this just meaens i am boycoting there items from now on and am telling my friends about it as well. thank you once agsin

  60. richardween .

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  61. JavatheCunt .

    VERY cool concept. It is pretty alien looking, and definitely futuristic. If not the future retro 360’s then maybe a candy dish or table decoration or something?? I would totally put this thing on my coffee table. Cheer’s to the designer!

  62. Chipper .

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  65. .

    Your entire post, “Next Generation Xbox 720 Game Console Design
    | Xbox Freedom” was in fact definitely worth writing a comment down here in the comment
    section! Just needed to say u did a wonderful job.
    Thanks for the post -Rodolfo

  66. Peter .

    Xbox One Will put an End to the console wars once and for all and sony will run back home to japan

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