Xbox 360 Region Hack for Extra Xbox Content

There are certain times that Xbox 360 Downloads, Demos, and additional Fun Content stuff is available in one region but not the next. Before we get too angry and curse the Xbox 360, Xbox Live or even the mother Microsoft, there is a way to bypass such restrictions to allow you to enjoy worldwide access.

As seen at Xbox3sixty, Brettster explains detailed direction on how to set up different accounts, so Xbox 360 Content that usually is not at your fingertips, could be within immediate reach.

He begins by explaining the things that are needed for such Xbox 360 Hack:

Xbox 360 with HDD and Internet connection.
Valid Email addresses (each for a different region) for the various account set ups.
Valid postal addresses (each for a different region). Again…for the various account set ups.
A PC with an Internet connection, which is simply to be used for the email addresses.

While some may see the postal address as the difficult item to obtain, perhaps collaborating with others could assist. I’m sure many Europeans have friends in the US, Americans know someone in Asia, and so on. This is where friendship and ingenuity could help you watch, play and enjoy all kinds of Xbox 360 content that you may not have a chance to see right away because of your place of residence.

All directions, information, and how to are available at Xbox3sixty.


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