Xbox 360 Getting Mass Effect 2


Here’s good news for those who loved Mass Effect 1 – a game that you enjoyed having on Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Its official publisher EA confirmed the franchise’s new series, Mass Effect 2 and will continue to stay on Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

However, PS3 will have no access to the new series. Matt Atwood of BioWare told CVG last month that they share a good rapport with Microsoft, which owned the publishing rights to the Franchise for Mass Effect 1. BioWare hopes to keep Xbox 360 exclusive at least for a short period of time. Since EA plans to make Mass Effect 2 mum on PS3, it has already created quite a concern to a lot of fans, despite EA stating that it would be destined for multiple platforms. However, BioWare and Valve, which are EA published developers omitting various major titles on PS3 has already sent shock waves to the ME fans.

In the meanwhile, BioWare and EA seem to be strongly standing by their stance that they have no further plans to include PS3 in Mass Effect 2. Looks like they are really going harsh on Play Station 3. This really doesn’t matter as long as they do a good job with ME2. Only time will prove their work though, as you may have to wait till early 2010 during which they plan to roll out ME2.

Via: Joystiq

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