Xbox 360 Lips Microphone with Swarovski Crystals

If you want to feel like a rich rockstar when playing the upcoming Xbox 360 LIPS, then these branded and Swarovski crystal studded microphones may be the ticket to fame (and hole in the pocket).


The Xbox branded microphones are highly decorated with over 1000 crystals Xillion Rose, making them a highly attractive Xbox 360 accessory and a jewel in itself. Unfortunately, there is a small price tag of $680 attached to the pair of mics, and there are only 100 made in this limited edition.

You may really want to feel like a rockstar, you may really be looking for the new LIPS Xbox game, or perhaps you want some Bling Bling when gaming…whatever it is, this could be that flashy item that could go perfect with your Gamer wardrobe.



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