Xbox 360 Controller Cufflinks

If you thought of buying some cuff links, then you might want to take a look at these Xbox 360 Controllers hand made ones by the artist, Lauren Swingle. They are literally hand sculpted individually out of polymer clay by the artist himself.

The unique design, and the fact that these cuff-links can be made into a pendant, charm for a necklace, bracelet or cell phone set them apart from the ordinary cuff-links.


However, they are a little nasty when it comes to the price tags. A single charm costs $13 whereas all sterling silver necklace components would be available at $23.00. However, the price will differ if you buy more number of charms from the artist’s store.



In case you feel like buying some other stuffs as well, then the store also offers you refrigerator magnets, key chains, pins and also figurines. Nevertheless, you must make sure that you mention a specific color if you decide to place an order for your cuff-link. Otherwise, you will be sent two white controllers instead! All these items would perhaps be great to buy as gifts for your family and friends. While these may interest you tremendously, they just don’t appeal to me!


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