Silent Hill: Downpour Trailer Features Music by… Korn?

Konami released a new trailer for the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour, and the greatest mystery of it all would be their decision to feature music by Korn.

silent hill downpour 8

Downpour is the upcoming eighth installment of the legendary survival horror series, and will be the second retail title released for the Xbox 360.

The story this time around revolves around a man named Murphy Pendleton, who finds himself trapped in
Silent Hill after the prison transport vehicle he is crashes off the road in a spectacular crash scene
like someone out of the movie Fugitive

From what we can gather from the trailer, it looks like things are back to their usual selves in the mysterious town of Silent Hill, with all kinds of visions, apparitions and other ghastly beings preying upon our protagonist.

Filled with dream like sequences, intrigue, chases and other nightmares I can’t help but notice how much it looks like Alan Wake. Of course, the Silent Hill series did it first and has been doing it for a while, but the mountain wilderness, a female police officer on the chase and more of the shiney, detailed current generation graphics make this title look a bit like a déjà vu.

silent hilld downpour screens

Though, whose to complain, from what we know this title looks like it will be everything we love about the Silent Hill series by bringing back some of that oldschool feeling of survival horror. The player will have access to limited firearms, and melee weapons that will break after repeated use. Also, as the title suggests, rain and water will play a large part in this game, both story and game play wise.

I’d have to say that the most mysterious thing about the entire project is the decision to use a track by Korn in the trailer for the main theme. Considering some of the great soundtracks we’ve had in the past, having a Nu-Metal band that was already overplayed by the late 90s seems like a poor choice. Horror games are supposed to draw us into the world and let us get lost in the mystery of it all. Hearing Korn playing in the background is going to kill the mood for more than a few players.

Silent Hill: Downpour will be released this coming November 4th.

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