Sexy Xbox 360 Case

Some gaming freaks out there love their Xbox 360 console more than their girlfriend, and if you are one of those, then you probably wanted to make that console of yours a bit more sexy by adding a few curves, didn’t you? Seems like your pleads have brought an awesome idea to the minds of djscrapie, a user on a popular e-shop. And he has responded to them by bringing you these fantastic stickers of a stripper on a pole showing her beautiful curves. The sticker set, which adds an elegant charm to your rather boring console is available in a set of five stickers where the biggie is about 9” x 5 ½” and is amazingly detailed; whereas, the four smaller ones compliment the size of your controller well enough. The sticker set is up for grabs in color choices of black – for regular Xbox 360 – and white – for those having the cool Black Elite version – for a small sum of $4 sans the shipping charges, of course. All in all, this is a must have accessory if you wanna own a piece of sexy console, what say you?

sexy xbox 360 case mod

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