Rockstar Spreads the Joy: New Set Of GTA5 Screenshots

Neither fans nor newcomers can wait. Call of Duty, take a step aside, for the game we’re awaiting the most right now is Rockstar’s GTA 5.

Septermber 5th, the release date of GTA5, might feel a bit too far away as of now, but Rockstar is doing well by us. First of all, they’re revealing their online component live tomorrow, and second, just in case the online playing is not really your thing and prefer getting immersed in the world and story instead, here’s a set of screenshots depicting some of the vibrant, beautiful world the team has created for the game.

The inspiration is clearly west side America, and the Los Angeles and southern California area in particular, and if any of our readers happen to be from there, there will be lots of landmarks and areas you should recognize, but hey, we already got a taste of what the team could do with GTA San Andreas, right? This should only be better.

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