Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Confirmed

It was recently confirmed that Mass Effect 3, the upcoming concluding chapter to Bioware’s epic space opera, will contain some form of a multiplayer mode.

mass effect 3

The multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3 has been little more than a rumor for some time, but now it was officially confirmed.

What exactly Bioware is planning is anyone’s guess at this point, though I suppose it should be noted that they are talking about it more as an extra mode, rather than a fully fleshed out aspect of the core game experience. A local and / or online cooperative experience would be nice, rather than a standard death machine mode.

One thing is certain, this multiplayer component will have to be something special if Bioware is feeling that they have a mode that is worthy of being including in the final act of their saga. They’re not exactly known as being people who skimp out on their games. As long as it’s better than the sorry excuse for a cooperative experience that Fable II offered us, I think most fans will not have a problem with it.

More information on the multiplayer mode and its features will be released at the upcoming Gamescon this month, and there will apparently be a demo available in the UK during several games shows this coming September. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as the news rolls our way.

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