Kinect Mounts Keep Your New Peripheral Where You Want It

Kinect is coming November 4. These mounts might just make your motion sensing device a little easier to use.


About a week ago a reader by the name of John Munn visited the site and asked about a comment I had made about the Kinect:

“On a side note, owners of LED TVs will have a heck of a time if they choose to put the peripheral on top of their set rather than under.”

I actually never explained why. Looking back, I probably should have. The reason is that LED TVs are normally about half an inch thin, so placing the Kinect on top of it would be difficult as the unit would quickly fall off the top of the TV.

Note that the Kinect unit also moves in order to follow the user and keep them in frame, this would also make it possible for the peripheral to fall off the TV.

However, there are some workarounds, such as some TV mounts and wall mounts that Microsoft will be selling in order to keep the device stable while it sits on top of a TV. That one can be seen below:

Kinect TV Mount

Kinect TV Mount (Image: Amazon)

There are also wall mounts for the Kinect, such as the one shown below:

Kinect Wall Mount

Kinect Wall Mount (Image: Amazon)

Of course the Kinect can also be placed at the base of the TV, and that should work pretty well too. Aside from that, it saves you anywhere from $15 (Wall Mount) to $40 (TV Mount).

Here, you can read the original article, you can check out some more information on Kinect. Or perhaps you prefer to keep the traditional controller? Here’s a nice one.

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