Here Is How to Get Halo on an Atari 2600!

Gaming world has been all about innovations, faster processing, better graphics and all that jazz. However, here is an Atari fan who has taken several extra miles to create Halo on this 128 byte Atari 2600.

It is nothing short of an incredible feat that Ed, a hardcore Halo and Atari fan could go ahead and create the game from the scratch on the ancient console.

Now, what makes the creation of Halo for Atari so difficult? Firstly, Atari 2600 is a console that is incredibly limited. With just 128 bytes of RAM, two 8 pixel wide monochrome sprites, two one pixel bullets, a “ball” and a 40 pixel wide background, it is not even a toy to begin with. One of the most rudimentary consoles to begin with, the Atari 2600 needs 2 clock cycles to complete the simplest 6502 instructions.

If you want to draw Master Chief on an Atari, you could imagine how long, and how difficult it really must be. So, Ed boy has made the extra effort to create a modern Xbox 360 game on a rudimentary console from the 80s. It could either mean that anything is possible when there is will, or it could also mean that once such challenges are what keeps us going, even through the most boring periods of our lives.

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Via: Crunch Gear

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