Hexolight 6000 Will Add To Your Rock Band’s Flash And Flare

No Rock Concert can ever be imagined without an amazing light show, the awesome lights and the cool visual effects just add the required spark to the highly inflammable atmosphere. But what if you do not have a world class stage like the professionals do?, well then you can just get yourself one of these amazing lights set- Hexolight 6000 series that have the capacity replace the real thing on a very small scale.

hexolight rock band lights

A set of six lights all arranged in the manner of a geometrical hexagon (which also explains the derivation of it’s name), which include all the standard colors- Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, through whose combination the system is able to produce some really awe inspiring visual effects. The best part of this set is that it is sound sensitive, which means that it will be instantly activated on the reception of sound into it’s sensors; a feature that suits almost perfectly to all kind of live music.

hexolight rock band light

No extra cables are required to sync the system to any other device, hence it is instantly compatible with devices like gaming consoles, iPods, iPhones, T.V..etc. One more feature will make this particular set totally different from any other available in market, you can actually change the configuration of the lights and program them to your liking, all this and more all at the cost of only $59.99. So get your high school band together and perform in your very own concert which comes complete with it’s own light and visual effects show.

rock band hexolight lightsrock band hexolight light

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