Halo Reach Launch Party, the Party for every Halo Addict!

We were there at the Halo Reach Launch Party at Manchester United Café in Mumbai and we really had a blast. Halo Reach is definitely the biggest video game launch from Microsoft for this year, it is the last game from the Halo franchise and this games has already broken a few records!

Guys from Microsoft are extremely confident about the game and so are we. At the event we got a brilliant got to play the game and even though it is based on the same engine which was used to make the entire Halo franchise this game has some really amazing stuff to offer.

The first thing you would notice is a really rich and innovative menu interface, it has some really great graphics, sound which totally immerses you in the gameplay, a very interesting campaign and brilliant multiplayer features. Some new features in multiplayer include a completely new Forge, where anyone can create brilliant multiplayer maps, a great armory system where you can manage you Spartan avatar and a new multiplayer mode.

Moving on to the party, we had a really great time, everywhere around us everyone was busy playing Halo Reach and they seemed totally satisfied with it. Drinks were on the house and for every Xbox 360 and Halo fan there is nothing more entertaining than getting drunk and playing the latest Halo game on the day of its release! The party also had some really great Halo collectibles for display, there was this really awesome Master Chief Helmet, we briefly went through Dr. Halsey’s personal journal which comes with Halo reach Limited Edition and we also drooled over the Team Noble Statue which comes with the Halo Reach Legendary Edition.

Let me end this by saying that it was a really awesome geeky party and Halo Reach is a must have for every person who owns an Xbox 360.

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