Halo 3 Master Chief Soap

If you are the kind of Halo 3 fan who can’t stop being the Master Chief for a very long time, you might as well take him to the shower with you! Well, what I mean is, you could get yourself a Halo 3 Master Chief soap that is handmade and is very good for your skin as well.

halo 3 master chief soap

The soap is made of coconut oil and palm oil and is sculpted well, and stands 5 inches tall. Master Chief, when laid on your palm looks pretty strong and looks capable enough to destroy all the germs in your body just like the he would have fought the enemies of humanity. The translucent green color and the soft fragrance of vegetable oils is enough to make you refreshed enough to stop worrying about leaving behind your game and Master Chief at home before going to work or school. The soap is available with Digital Soaps Shop at Etsy at a price of $6.75 each.

master chief soap from halo 3

I am sure you would love to get one of these, and maybe even stock up a lot of them in the house as you would not want to see Master Chief’s face and sculpted body melting under the shower. I wonder what the connection is between gaming and soaps, for there really seems to be an unexplainable relationship between them.  If you are still interested in other kinds of geeky soaps, do try the Xbox 360 Controller Soap which comes in many colours and flavors.

halo 3 xbox 360 master chief soap

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