Glass Stain Artist Recreates the Legendary Halo Shield

It might have been months, or even years since you got hooked to Halo, but you might not have come across any Halo artwork that is as beautiful as this. Veggie San has created a glass art work that carefully and ornately resembles the shield that the Master Chief carries with him all the time.

The shield is almost holy, and that is what its reproduction on glass artwork so special. The damage-absorbing energy shield was created using copper foil method, and she deliberately made the solder lines very bumpy because she prefers it that way. This stained glass art reminds me of beautiful artwork on church walls, or even in certain monasteries.

However, the idea of using such beautiful method of creating art for something that is related to video games is really commendable. Veggie San has begun to take orders for gaming related glass art works, and I am sure most of you would love to buy video game art that relates to your favourite game or gaming character.

There is no information about the price, but you could always check with her. If you are interested in art, you could also check out Mona Lisa Xbox 360 Case, Skull Shaped Xbox 360 Controller Cradle, and Halo 3 Xbox 360 Mod.

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