Gears Of War Style Pillow is Flashy and Fascinating

Pillows are something which I would prefer on any device or gadget and I guess every person who loves to sleep or is lazy would agree with me. But this Gears of War pillow not only gives me the comfort and increases the aesthetic beauty of my bedroom but make me remember my dreaded gaming with Xbox 360. Keeping the quality and the aesthetic values in mind,R4pwnz3 has once again used her crochet hook and yarn and this time, she has impressed me with this lovely gothic pillow design.

Actually the red skull looks a bit gothic but is actually “Gears of War” the game symbolized as blood laden skulls. I am really very impressed with her perfection and color combination of this Xbox 360 game inspired design pillow. Made up of 100% acrylic yarn, they are really comfortable and the red yarn on the black background with edges knitted with simple gray colored yarn really supplement each other very nicely. And beside the white Xbox 360 controller (not available with this Style Pillow) looks real killer.
To create this design, she has used Tunisian style crochet in which a needlework technique is necessary which combines both knitting and crochet leading to the creation of a fusion of these two techniques. I guess by taking 8 hours of time for its completion, she has done full justice to this different style of crochet. The size of the pillows is 11.5” wide and 13” which is enough for one head to fit on it comfortably. Being stuffed with polyester fiberfill, it is really soft and comfortable and can make me be asleep for at least a day without any one bothering me.
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