Majority of Gamers Against Next Gen 3D Consoles?

The word is out: the majority of gamers out there apparently do not think that the next generation of consoles should focus on 3D gaming.

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Ever wonder if 3D technology is just a novelty designed to milk us out of our hard earned consumer dollars? It seems that most gamers see things that way, according to a recent study conducted by the website

The study interviewed 1001 people who identified themselves as gamers. A total of 51% of respondents declared that they were not welcome to the idea that future consoles would use 3D technology, compared to 47% who said they would welcome it, and 2% who couldn’t make up their minds or who had no opinion.

Breaking down those 500 or so gamers and why they were against it, 44% of them believed that 3D technology would be unnecessary while 28% said they were not impressed with current 3D technology, and a whole 22% said they believed it would hurt the overall gaming experience.

It seems then that most gamers like things the way they are.

While this was hardly a large scale survey, the results are nevertheless telling, especially with companies like Sony and Nintendo really pushing for advances into the 3D market. Microsoft has shown more than a little interest in bringing things that way, but I’d like to think that the team behind the Xbox is open to catering to the needs of gamers, rather than just new technology.

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I can’t quite say that I am overly excited about 3D these days. Sure, in a perfect world, 3D technology could change the face of entertainment as we know it. However, as things are, a lot of 3D is just really lazy work, and afterthoughts to cash in a few extra bucks. I mean, we all thought motion control would change the world when Nintendo first released the Wii, but all that followed was a generation of shovel-ware titles.

If they can do it right, I’m all for it. But, as things stand, why bother trying to fix something that isn’t broken? We have some 3D gadgets that work great now, and some titles that are awesome in 3D, but I don’t think gaming as a whole is ready to switch over just yet.

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