Cool Master Chief Cake Will Command Your Attention

If I’m not wrong then Halo is one of the games that has set up a small soft corner in every ones heart who have given it a try, and now the time has come that you guys spare a little space in your tummies as well for the Master Chief Halo Cake. As yummy as it looks, I think it will be extremely hard for any die hard Halo fan to have such a cool piece of art for his/her desert, not to mention the pain of witnessing Master Chief’s head on your dinner table.

Anyways, before we get too¬† sentimental about the cool cake and actually end up not appreciating the effort and hard work that was put into this creation, we need to have a look at the other cool cakes that have made their way into people’s tummies (and not upset them), like the Halo Grenade Cake or the Xbox Controller Cake, few of the cakes that will inspire you to make and bake one.

This delicious looking cake is baked by Chocmocakes and is completely covered in fondant and not to forget 100% edible!

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