Are You Ready for Halo: Reach?

Halo Reach launches in less than 24-hours, and we can be sure that it will be topping the September NPD charts. It will be running for $59.99 and aims for a mighty good time for Halo fans.

Halo: Reach Art

Halo Reach is the successor to Halo: ODST, last year’s smash-hit addition to the Halo franchise. Long-time Halo protagonist Master Chief isn’t in this game, which helps keep the experience fresh. Players now take on the role of  a hero known only as Noble 6, a Spartan. The character is customizable, which may help the player feel a closer connection to their character than in previous games, where their character was defined. It’s an element that may be interesting for Halo fans new and old alike.

By making the character customizable, the developers allow for users to make the main character their own, giving them the chance to express their inner-hero through the game’s protagonist.

The game takes place in the year 2552, just before the original Halo game happens. According to the story, Humans fighting with the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) have been at war against a military alliance of alien races known as the Covenant.

Players are introduced to Reach, a planet that houses over 700 million civilians and is the main location of UNSC operations. It’s also home of the program that built Master Chief.

It’s been noted that this game has the most difficult campaign of the series, which may put off lesser-skilled gamers. Luckily, the game’s cutscenes help drive the narrative, and keep action interesting, while the gameplay keeps even that hardest of the hardcore gaming fans on their toes. Bungie’s top-notch skills as a development studio, and their amazing sense of pacing and level design the action are sure to keep gamers interested in the story while keeping them in anticipation for each of the game’s missions.

While the experience is nothing entirely new, there may be enough additions to give players a bit of fresh along with some of the time-tested gameplay of the previous games in the series. No matter what, Halo Reach is sure to be a hit top seller this holiday season. Expect the Xbox 360, and it’s special edition counterpart, released with Halo: Reach, to be at the top of the console sales charts this month.

Master Chief may not be around for Halo: Reach, but there’s no reason not to enjoy a cake shaped like his helmet as you play the new game. If the game isn’t enough, perhaps you can enjoy a life-sized replica of a Halo weapon instead…made of Lego.

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