Battlefield 3 Release Date, Minecraft on Xbox, and Mass Effect 3 + Kinect = ???

E3 is upon us, and with that comes many surprises and big news stories. With the first round of conferences coming out, some would wonder what exactly is going on.

While there is a lot of very big news about E3, one of the bigger news to hit the ears of attendees is Battlefield 3’s release date of October 25th, 2011. This comes as a surprise to many, namely Activision, as it is only a mere two weeks before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This will really spark a “whose game is better” war, and may have Activision shaking in their boots if Battlefield¬†3 is as good as it’s developers say it is. While no one will know for sure until later this year, it certainly will mean quite an interesting 4th quarter for game sales with all these amazing games coming out.

Next up is some big news that gamers from the PC platform will be excited to hear about; the ever popular adventure game Minecraft is not only due to hit the mobile platforms, but also make an official appearance on the Xbox 360. As  programmer, and founder, of Minecraft Marcus Peterson (Notch) says on Twitter:

This is certainly exciting news, as Minecraft is taking the world by storm, and expanding to a console would certainly give the indie game company the recognition from more people that they deserve.

Next up, and lastly for this article, is the announcement of Mass Effect 3 to be using the Kinect software. What exactly would this entail? Players will be able to control Shepard’s response to different situations by using keywords, rather than using the controller. While it is unclear what else this could entail for this game, or others that would want to take advantage of this, it would certainly be interesting to see the various uses of this technology.

E3 certainly is already rolling out some awesome and exciting news! Stay tuned for even more news coming as it happens from E3.

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