Awesome Xbox Controller Design

If you love your Xbox, I mean really, really love your Xbox, then you have to give it something, special, customize it. Well that’s what these Xbox controllers have had done to them.

They’ve been fully customized by people who really love their Xbox and want to show of. Now sure we’ve seen many customized controllers before, and sure they all look amazing, but these controllers have something more, something special. Color, design? Let’s find out.

The few hundred controllers were designed in Adobe Illustrator, sort of like Photo Shop. Once they had been fully designed, had colors and made the designers happy, they (The illustrations) were sent of to a professional small time painter. A painter who loves perfect detail, and doesn’t charge that much over all.

Anyway, after they were sent to the painter he turn the Graphic computer illustrations into actual physical hardware for the Xbox. The controllers look fantastic and are probably the best looking out there. The sad bit is that there not available for sale. But the good thing is that you could do the same if you really like them, and your Xbox. The people, person who did design them must have all his friends dribbling over them, as if I were his friend I would accidentally steal…err I mean borrow one.

The best thing is that the controllers are appealing to all audiences, they’re not made for one person or one specific age group, instead they fit in perfectly with everyone who likes cool controllers and Xbox. If I had the artistic talent in me and the money and time I would certainly go make my own, and send it to a painter, or try to paint it my self, what ever one I feel like. So my advice to you, if you want to make your own, learn how to use Adobe Creative Studios probably, find the money and time, and find a good artist to finally make your dreams come true.

The bad thing is that these controllers are not avaiable for sale anywhere, except eBay…maybe.

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