Aliens vs. Predator Trailer for Xbox

We all know that Aliens vs. Predator trailer for Xbox has just been lunched. The trailer eerily asks the viewer what they would like to be. One could choose to be a hunter, survivor or a prey. One could even wonder why the choice of being a prey is mentioned in the trailer. Would people be so masochistic as to willingly become a prey to a predator?


Nevertheless, the game seems to be ultra violent and the trailer even asks for one’s age, which means it definitely is not meant for under aged kids. In Alien vs. Predator, the two species are in conflict with each other and it becomes a rather difficult choice to choose which one you would wan to be. It definitely is going to be a multiplayer game, and there would be a choice to choose between which character you could play, as the trailer clearly “asks for your choice”.

The sound quality is simply mind blowing and so are the graphics. It is not clear when Sega plans to release this game and whenever it does, the developers surely will find an appreciative gaming audience. The weapons almost look sinister and hellish, and one can’t really wait to know more about this awesome game. While you wait for Alien vs. Predators to be unveiled, you could watch the Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailers.

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