Xbox One Gears of War Bundle Amazon Christmas Deal

With Christmas getting closer and Sony cutting prices on the PlayStation 4, Microsoft went ahead and did the same for the Xbox One, resulting in a fantastic Xbox One Gears of War Bundle you can buy on Amazon.

Xbox One 500GB Gear of War Bundle

The deal is for the Xbox One 500GB console & Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, cutting the price down from $349.99 to $299.99, a 14% discount. The bundle includes a 500GB hard drive Xbox One Console, a full-game digital download of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, newly updated Xbox One black wireless controller with a 3.5mm headset jack, a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold, AC Power Cable, and an HDMI Cable.

The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition includes access to the entire Xbox 360 Gears of War collection to play on Xbox One at no additional cost if you play Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox Live before 12/31/2015 (download codes will be sent via an Xbox Live message before 12/31/2015). It also includes to access to the Gears of War 4 Beta.

This isn’t the only bundle that’s getting a $50 discount for the Xbox One. There’s the 1TB holiday bundle which includes Gears of War, Rare Replay and a download token for Ori and the Blind Forest, costing $349.99 instead of $399.99.

The third bundle on a $50 slashed price is the Elite 1TB bundle, costing $449.99 instead of $499.99 and includes a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Xbox One Console, an Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller with set of 4 paddles, 6 thumbsticks, 2 D-Pads, and a USB cable, an Xbox One Chat Headset, a 14-Day Xbox Live Gold Trial, an AC Power Cable, and an HDMI Cable.

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