Xbox Live Error Gave Man 4 Billion Microsoft Points

A weird error over Xbox Live recently gave a man 4 billion Microsoft Points which, needless to say, was a rather unexpected surprise.

xbox live microsoft points error

According to our source, a certain Xbox Live user went to his dashboard a few days ago to check on his Microsoft Points balance and to his surprise he discovered that he had significantly more than he expected.

The user apparently spent a grand total of $5 recharging his balance, and after making a purchase went to see his points total. Imagine his surprise when he noticed that instead of having a few hundred points he had a few billion.

Some weird error on Microsoft’s part gave the user 4, 294, 967, 136 points. Not a bad investment for $5, considering that to have that many points one would have to deposit over $53 million dollars.

The user’s first reaction, which seemed like the most obvious thing anyone would want to do with that kind of power, was to immediately start buying as many things over the Xbox Live Marketplace as fast as humanly possible. It would have been nice if Microsoft never realized their error.

He could have purchased every single available DLC and still had enough points left over to buy every future DLC ever released.

However, the way this story turned out, Microsoft did realize their goof, and quickly proceeded to take back all of the excess points, but not before the user was able to buy more than a few games, items and the like. Unfortunately for him, Microsoft deducted the same amount of points as he received, which means that his account is now in the negatives, the very deep negatives.

What would you do if you suddenly discovered a ton of extra points in your account? I mean, I’m happy when I discover an extra 20 Microsoft Points here and there from participating in the Xbox Live Rewards program.

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