Xbox Brand Going Strong – 43, 000 New XBL Subscribers Daily

Ever had your doubts about the current state of the Xbox brand, what with all the talk about a new console? Well, with 43, 000 new subscribers to Xbox Live every day it sounds like things are as strong as ever.

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With the 10th anniversary of the Xbox here with us, I wonder if anyone could have foreseen the impact that Microsoft’s entry into the home console market could have had. After 10 years of console gaming, and with an online service that’s been around almost as long, has anyone gotten sick of it yet?

Apparently not. According to some recent numbers from out source, Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service is currently pulling in 43, 000 new subscribers each and every day. At this rate, the service looks by 15 million new subscribers per year.

An impressively strong catalogue of online multiplayer games is one of the main reasons that these numbers are so high. Franchises like Gears of War, Battlefield and Call of Duty have really helped grow the numbers in recent years, and have taken some of the top honours that Halo once held for pushing people towards online gaming like never before.

Though there have been other factors leading to the impressive rise in users. The head of marketing for Xbox Live in England suggests that all of the other added services like Twitter, Facebook, Zune and Netflix have been helping non-gamers flock to the console. We can safely say that Microsoft is successfully turning the Xbox 360 into a home entertainment system fit for every member of the family.

While it’s true that subscriber numers have been on the rise, I don’t really know if it will keep on rising at the same insane pace. Unfortunately there are only so many other people out there that don’t own an Xbox yet. Right now it looks like Microsoft is taping into it’s key markets as good as they can.

Though, with all the talk about the need for a new system, and rumours that the next Xbox is already in development, it’s nice to know that our beloved Xbox 360 isn’t losing any steam.

In other news, the next Xbox is rumoured to have a Windows based operating system and A Game of Thrones Action RPG Heading to Xbox 360.

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