Xbox 360 now has an officially licensed racing wheel to its own – the Xbox 360 MC2

Xbox 360 MC2 is the new racing wheel, exclusively licensed for Xbox 360. It features a vibration feedback technology, which essentially adds to the whole racing game experience. Of all the games that people play, racing games are the most common ones. Racing games are the kind of video game that anyone can relate to. They give you the thrill no other games do. If you are into racing games, then you the Xbox 360 MC2 is a ‘must have’.mc2-racing-wheel


The Xbox 360 MC2 looks really cool. Other features include, ten extreme action buttons which give you complete control coupled with a doubly injected rubber-gripped steering wheel and retractable leg supports. The pedals stay right in place because of the vertical vector design, and the leg supports keep you stuck on to the driver’s seat. GameShark is offering the Xbox 360 MC2 at $99.99.



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