The 40 Coolest Xbox 360 Mods which Have Seen The Light of Day

Sometimes it really gets tiring to see the same old gadget every day. When we need to use the same console every other hour, it almost become mundane and boring and theXbox 360 is not an exception. If you use the same console day in and day out, it would result in monotony, and that is when the modding world comes to our rescue.

Most modders know that with a little effort even the most boring gadget can be turned into something spectacular. Xbox 360 is no exception to this rule, and there are several cool Xbox 360 mods that can be found online even today.

Xbox 360 is not only our favorite console but also the coolest for it seems to be having more number of mods than other consoles. Here is a cool list of the 40 best and weirdest Xbox 360 mods that we have featured earlier on this site. I am sure you would love to take a look at the list and be inspired to mod your Xbox 360 too, in a cool and weird manner. So, here it goes!

Weird and Wonderful Xbox Mods

If you were wondering why Xbox 360 has such a plain design when it could be so much cooler just like it performs, here is what you could do: take a look at these wonderful and weird Xbox 360 mods that won’t disappoint you.

Transformers Xbox 360 Mod


Transformers must be one of the most popular series and it all goes back to the days of 1984. This Transsformers Xbox 360 mod pays homage to Transformers with the All Spark Cube.

Joker Why So Serious Xbox 360 Mod


If you were a great fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum, you would remember the “Why so Serious” dialogue. The late Heath Ledger uttered those wonderful words before torturing his victims in the movie. This Joker Mod is one of the best I have seen.

BenHeck Xbox 360 Laptop Mod


If you always wanted your laptop to be an Xbox 360 or vice versa, take a look at Benheck Laptop Xbox 360 Mod created by master hacker Ben Heck.

Xbox 360 Fit in Car


If you always wanted to play video games in your car, here is how you could Fit an Xbox 360 in your Car. It looks amazing!

Xbox 360 Car Mod


How would you like a car that looks like the Xbox 360? This Xbox 360 Car even has a steering wheel that looks like the controller.

Alligator Skin Xbox 360 Mod


You may be a PETA activist but this spectacular Alligator Xbox 360 Mod is one helluva piece. You could even notice the veiny structure of the mod’s cover.

Steampunk Xbox 360 Mod


There is nothing better than some good old Steampunk. What could be better than taking a look at this wonderful Steampunk Xbox 360 Mod? It reminds you of bloodthirsty battles.

Xbox 360 LCD Screen Mod


If you wanted your Xbox 360 to have a visual interface, the Xbox 360 LCD Mod could be a great inspiration for you.

Halo Xbox 360 Mods

Halo is one of the most popular games of Xbox 360, and here are some cool Xbox Mods inspired by Halo and its character – The Master Chief.

Halo 3 Xbox 360 Mod


This Halo 3 Xbox 360 Mod is a great ode to the Halo 3 game, which is still popular on Xbox 360. You can play with your Master Chief to your heart’s content with this mod.

See-through Xbox 360 Master Chief Mod


If you were a voyeur and always wanted to see Master Chief in compromising situations, you could take a look at Xbox 360 Master Chief Mod. It can be “seen through”.

Enemy Xbox 360 Halo Mod


Artist Jeremiah Thiring has created a weird and wonderful Halo 3 Xbox 360 Mod which seems to have come from the enemy side, since it looks so battered.

Custom Painted Halo Xbox 360 Mod


If you always wanted to get an Xbox that had artistic painting on it which depicted scenes from your favorite game, try checking out the Custom Painted Halo Xbox 360 Mod.

Gears of War Xbox 360 Mods

Gears of War is yet another popular game on Xbox 360, and people simply love it because of all the violence involved. Take a look at some of the best Gears of War Xbox 360 Mods we have featured.

Most Amazing Gears of War Xbox 360 Mod


These Gears of War Xbox 360 Mods could be one of the moist amazing, and the case looks so mauled and mutilated that you would immediately say “WTF!”

Gears of War Case Mod


This Gears of War Xbox 360 Case Mod looks quite like a cake to me, though it is indeed the Xbox 360 there.

Gears of War Skull Mod


This Gears of War Mod looks much like a poster, and even comes with the notorious skull in the middle.

Flashy Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 Shell


This Flashy Xbox 360 Shell is a must-have for those who like attracting a lot of attention.

Cool Xbox 360 Mods

Here are some of the other cooler and sleeker mods, that are influenced by video games and other forms of media.

Lara Croft Xbox 360 Mod


If you have played Tomb Raider, you would know that Lara Croft is one helluva character. This Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Mod is inspired by Lara Croft.

Half Life 2 Xbox 360 Casemod


The Half Life 2 Xbox 360 Casemod is inspired by the popular game Half Life 2. It has an amazing look and the sepia tinged photography only makes it look so much better.

LED Xbox 360 Mod


If you are fond of LEDs and other glowing light, this LED Xbox 360 Mod can just be what you need. LEDs have been used in popular culture themes almost all the time.

Water Cooled Xbox 360 Mod


We all know that the horrendous summer can be bad for our health. However, the heat generated by Xbox 360 can be a pain too, and this Water Cooled Xbox 360 Mod only helps you cool things down.

Gleaming Green Quake 4 Xbox 360 Mod


The Gleaming Green Quake 4 Xbox 360 Mod has been inspired by Quake 4 and looks quite fantastic. What really makes people squirm is the toxic green that glows eerily.

Xbox 360 Chrome Case Mod


If you wanted to know how good you look and if the make-up was alright, you may have to quit playing games for a minute or two. Instead, if you get the Xbox 360 Chrome Case Mod, it doubles up as a mirror.

Rockstar Games Xbox 360 Mod


Rockstar is one of the most popular dance and music games for Xbox 360. This mod here is dedicated to all the Rockstar fans who simply love their games.

Pop Culture Xbox 360 Mods

Popular culture too inspires people to mod, and here is a list of mods that have been drawn from various characters and instances from pop culture of our times

Xbox 360 Airbrushed ThunderCats Shell


If you are a fan of Thudndercats, you sure would love the Xbox 360 Airbrushed ThunderCats Shell. It would remind you of those wonderful humanoid cats that formed the basis of the Thundercats plot. It is a great ode to the popular ThunderCats franchise.

Michael Jackson Case Mod


MJ may have long been dead and gone, but he has a left a legacy like no other. One of the best singers ever, this MJ Case Mod of Xbox 360 is one of the best that I have ever come across. It would make you moonwalk!

Spiderman Comics Characters Xbox 360 Case Mods


If you are a fan of the spidey, you sure would love the Spiderman Comics Characters Xbox 360 Case Mods which is dedicated to the super hero’s character. If you could go ahead and get one of these, Spiderman fans would be really jealous.

Minimalist Superman Xbox 360 Case Mod


For those who  believe things should be minimalistic and they should not be grand, here is a cool Minimalist Superman Xbox 360 Case Mod which is dedicated to the fans of Superman.

DC Comics Xbox 360 Case Mod


Comics fans would love this mod, especially if you are a DC Comics fan. Generations of kids and adults have spent their free time reading about DC Comics and thus the DC Comics Xbox 360 Case Mod is a great piece of work.

The Beatles Rock Band Xbox 360 Mod


Beatles were one of the most popular rock bands from the 60s. Moreover, they have also been used in Rockband games. Thus, the Beatles Rock Band Xbox 360 Mod is a cool way to show your admiration to not just Rockband games, but also to the Beatles.

Watchmen Xbox 360 Casemod


Watchmen is one of the most popular movies lately. There sure are several reasons for that. The Watchmen Xbox 360 Casemod is fun, colorful and great to look at.


There is also another Watchmen movie Mod that you want to take a look at.

Xbox 360 Mod with Domo Kun


The Xbox 360 Mod with Domo Kun is made by RicePuppet and the Domo Kun theme is really visible through the brown and red colors. I really like the way the teeth are presented.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Xbox 360 Mod


If you are into popular culture influenced Anime and Manga, you would know about Evangelion. The Neon Genesis Evangelion Xbox 360 Mod is a great tribute to all the Evangelion fans out there.

Hello Kitty Xbox Mod


No popular culture list would be complete without mentioning Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty Xbox Mod looks cute and chic, just like most Hello Kitty gadgets do. You really need to get it if you are a Hello Kitty fan.

Afro Samurai Xbox Mod


What is common between Barack Obama and Afro Samurai? A lot apparently, if you took a look at this cool Afro Samurai Xbox Mod which has a Barack Obama picture on its other side.

Bizarre Xbox 360 Mods

If you were not satisfied with all the mods that you saw just now, here are 6 more bizarre Xbox 360 mods that would completely blow your mind away. they would help you to understand that Xbox 360 does not need to be banal and mundane and can be quite interesting in fact.

Bizarre Red Xbox 360 Case Mod


There is nothing that needs to be said about this Bizarre Red Case mod. It is all about how lethal and scary it actually looks. The mod almost reminds me of wars and torture devices that we don’t want to think about.

Xbox 360 Console Mod Arcade Stick


If you thought there was nothing common between arcade sticks and Xbox 360, think again. There seems to be a lot in common and one of the most important one is the fact that this cool Xbox 360 Console Mod can be used as an arcade stick after being modded from a broken Xbox 360 console.

Xbox 360 PC Mod


How would you like it if you could use your Xbox 360 as a PC or vice versa? Well thanks to the Xbox 360 PC Mod you can use it as both a PC and an Xbox 360. Modding can really change certain gadgets completely!

Black LED Xbox 360 Mod


If you were tired of the way your Xbox 360 looks, you could paint it black! Well, here is a guy who actually did that and it looks pretty good too! You could learn from him about how your Xbox 360 could be turned into a Black LED Xbox 360 Mod. Of course, you would need a lot of LEDs as well.

Weird Xbox 360 Mod


Those who always liked things that are bizarre and weird, you surely would like the Weird Xbox 360 Mod. I am not really sure what the weird modification is, but you sure could click to the source and find out how you could turn your Xbox 360 weird and bizarre.

Red Hot Xbox 360 Mod


If you like things that are sizzling hot, why not get your Xbox 360 to sizzle as well? This mod looks as if you are cooking your Xbox 360, and that too willingly!

All these Xbox 360 mods must prove that it is really fun and exciting to have an Xbox 360 for you no longer have to stick to what was given to you, but you could mod it to suit your needs and tastes. I am sure most Xbox 360 fans would agree with me when I say that it is also one of the most customizable gadgets around.

No matter what you do to it, it still looks great and awesome. So, the idea is to go ahead and grab the nearest Xbox 360 in order to mod it and prove to the world how creative you actually are.

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