Xbox 360 Controller Pillow To Let You Game In Your Dreams

Has the Xbox fever overtaken your sleep? Do you keep spending sleepless nights playing games on your Xbox, which in turn leaves you with no rest at all? Then you all should better give your bodies some deserving rest, but I recommend that you do it the gaming style; with the all new Xbox 360 Controller Pillows you can have all the rest you need and still be tuned into xbox 360 controller pillow

The new pillow is designed to exactly resemble the Xbox 360 controller, complete with all the different buttons and keys. Soon all the Microsoft guys realized that their design for the controller was not only very comfortable for the hands but also when made into a pillow could provide the users maximum comfort. Surprisingly the design seems to be so well oriented that one can use it as a back-rest while gaming and as a pillow while sleeping, also the pillow’s unconventional design makes it perfect for use as a neck support as well.

cool xbox 360 controller pillow

Unfortunately this piece is not available for sale as this was custom made for one luck dude as present from his girlfriend. But be not dismayed, there are similar pillows that go on sale over at Ebay, so if you are lucky enough you might just be able to grab one for yourself. If you are out of luck then you might just have a look at these Xbox Shoes that let you game while you work out.

xbox 360 controller pillow design

via: Gizmodo Via: Technabob Via: Threadbanger

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